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Letter from the Managing Director

hanoufThe founding of MedZ Sourcing is a new era in the development of the outsourcing industry in Morocco.

We aim at injecting a new dynamic into the sector. Our strategy is based on providing a quality service through a sound value proposition.

A tremondous effort will be dedicated to promoting our technology parks and Morocco as a destination for multinational corporations. We set an objective to move from a launching phase to an industrilized stage. We will go up the professionalism ladder leveraging on our experiences. Companies established in Morocco and with whom we have strong ties, will invest in progressively in added value projects.

We will win together in quality and trust from our clients' clients. With our clients and partners, we will consolidate our position in the French and Hispanic markets.

We also commit ourselves towards diversification by investing in multilingual accounts before targeting global markets. The goal is to go much further and faster to achieve our goals. For this, MedZ Sourcing has developed real expertise and has built a viable business model.

In 2008, Morocco was in a starting phase. We managed to earn a place in a competitive market where new and global destinations are emerging every day.

Morocco has indeed succeeded through the different ranking and trophees we deserved through time. We want to go further and consolidate our position,  take in more market share and improve Morocco's ranking globally.

Our vision is both big and ambitious: be leaders in the Mediterranean region and be in the world top ten in the next five years.

Abderrafie Hanouf
Managing Director of MedZ Sourcing

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