The Ministry of Industry, Trade and New Technologies has introduced the Emergency Plan to support industrial growth: the goal is to support clusters of industrial excellence (Offshoring, Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Food, textiles).
The Department of Offshoring is one of the key sectors of the Emergency Plan, and provides the structure proposed by Morocco in terms of training and tax reduction.

The Department has commissioned the CDG (Caisse de Depot et de Gestion) for the implementation of the development strategy of offshoring in Morocco.

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The CDG is a public financial institution, the first institutional investor in Morocco, with 9 billion euros of managed assets, lead actor of the implementation of sectoral and territorial government strategies in different sectors: renewable energy, IT, tourism, finance , offshoring ...

The CDG has established MedZ Sourcing to promote, market, manage and run Offshore parks in Morocco.


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