Vision and Mission

Our mission :

Promote, market and manage offshoring Parks in order to not only meet but exceed the requirements of our clients.

We established ourselves as the leader in the management of business parks in Morocco. We have the ambition to become the leader in our industry in the Mediterranean Region.

Our vision :

As a  national champion in the Management  of Offshore Zones in Morocco, 

Our ambition is to extend our leadership around the Mediterranean region.

Our values :

  • Commitment;
  • Performance;
  • Ethics;
  • Innovation.

Our approch :

  • Support the development and growth of businesses based in our parks;
  • Develop  our pioneering projects, Casanearshore and Technopolis by adjusting our offer to client requirements;
  • Achieve a national footprint throughout the kingdom: 600 000m ² of office space and services in by extending the presence to Oujda Shore  and Fes Shore.

Présentation of our parks :

MedZ Sourcing manages Casanearshore and Technopolis parks, both are hosting more than a hundered international companies and employ about 18,000 people.


Casanearshore :

 270 000m ² of offices and service built on 53 acres, with an easy access to Casablanca.

The park currently has 70 companies operating in various outsourcing segments and employs over 18000 employees.

The Third phase of the project (about 33,000 m²) is already occupied by new tenants. 


Technopolis :

312 000m² of office floors on an exceptional site of 107 acres, benefiting from an innovative and dynamic environment.

A true technological platform to create synergies among the corporate world, the R&D and education, Technopolis has a modern and innovative architecture in the image of its slogan: "Smart City for Smart People"

Technopolis has over 30 companies employing over 7000 employees.

MedZ Sourcing leverages its expertise in park management and began with the launch of Fes and Oujda Shore Shore, to consolidate the position of Morocco in the international arena.

casanearshore Casanearshore
technopolis Technopolis
fesshore Fez shore
oujdashore Oujda shore