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Visit of His Majesty the King of the Oujda’s Business center

Thursday, June 20th, 2013, His Majesty the King Mohammed the Sixth, receive the Oujda’s Business center assessment about the realization of the first section, landscaped by MEDZ, subsidiary of CDG Développement.

During this day, explanations were provided to HM the King about the infrastructures state of progress. The Sovereign also inquired about the progress of the selling process to investors, which presents an assessment globally encouraging and inaugurated the Services Department of the Oujda’s Business center, which provides Offshoring components (OujdaShore) and Tertiary.

It should be noted that Oujda’s Business center is an integrated industrial platform, which represents the convergence of several national sectoral strategies: :

- The East Med strategy, territorial version of Emergence and Rawaj programs in Oriental, which aims at strengthening the industrial and services potential of this region.

- The national strategy related to renewable energy, through Cleantech programs. It aims to build the Oriental Region as an industrial hub in the field of sustainable development at the national and regional levels.

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