Business Climate

Xperis Services is fully aware of the importance of the business climate in the mindset of the international investor. Morocco as a destination has engaged into a series of reforms politically, legally and socially. These measures aim at opening up the economy to be more liberal and competitive at worldwide level.

Simplified tax system:

Morocco has adopted a simplified and modernized tax system offering attractive incentives for investors :

  • Reduced income taxes;
  • Reduced corporate taxes;
  • State contribution to certain costs relating to asset investment;
  • Exemption from import VAT under Section 123-b -22° of the General Tax Bill;
  • Exemption from customs duties under Article 7.I of the Finance Act No. 12/98.


Free trade agreements:

Morocco signed a number of of free trade agreements with several economic powers around the globe, providing a legal framework conducive to the development of mutual trade and knowledge sharing :

  • Priviliged Status EU-Morocco;
  • Free Trade Agreement with the United States;
  • Free Trade Agreement Morocco-EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein);
  • Free Trade Agreement Morocco-Turkey;
  • Agadir Agreement (with the Mediterranean Arab countries).
  • other FTAs are under discussion with several countries to enlarge Morocco's echange hub

Investment protection:

Morocco has also put in place specific measures of investor protection: Your investment is guaranteed and protected!

As part of the promotion of foreign investment, Morocco has ratified international agreements aiming at protecting investrors' interests:

  • The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes "ICSID";
  • The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency "MIGA";
  • Interarab Organization for Investment Guarantee Agency.


No double taxation:

Morocco has engaged in several discussions with partnering countries to remove double taxation on foreign investment

  • The free transfer of capital and income;
  • The non-expropriation of the investment, 
  • The dispute with recourse to domestic courts or international arbitration at the choice of the investor.

Ease of transfer of currency:

The investment Bill has also instituted a convertibility clause for foreign investment. It allows investors to transfer foreign currency directly through the banking system in and out as well as the revenues generated by these investments and the proceeds from a potential divestment.

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