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The geopolitical situation of Morocco, its economy, infrastructure and business climate makes the country a popular destination in the MENA region.

Since the adoption of the Emergency Plan in 2005, particularly in the Offshoring /Nearshoring services sector.

Many other reasons you may want to choose Morocco.

Main ones would be:

  • The proximity and stability of the country; 
  • Its human resources;
  • Quality of its parks and facilities;
  • Best Cost destination.


Morocco ... a modern, stable, and close to destination to Europe

The geographical and cultural proximity between Morocco and Europe is key to investors:

  • 15 km between Morocco and Spain;
  • A max of 3 hours flight from European capitals;
  • Only 1 to 2 hours time difference;
  • A multilingual country with a cultural compatibility between tradition and modernity, embedded in the lifestyle of the Moroccans.

From an infrastructure perspective, the country has 15 international airports linking Morocco to over 80 destinations, with a frequency of 1 500 international flights per week.

Morocco has a wide highway and rail network with:

  • Nearly 1,500 km of highways (1,800 km in 2015);
  • A current rail network 2167 km over 1500 km of TGV lines provided in 2030 (200km operational between Kenitra and Tangiers in 2015).
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