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Value Offer

Since 2005, Morocco has put Offshoring in the heart of its concerns throught the "Emergence" Plan.

Morocco's industrial strategy specifies, through this Plan, the seven major industrial sectors in Morocco: offshoring, automotive, aerospace, electronics, food processing, seafood and textiles.

In outsourcing, the goal is to create a 100 000 jobs by 2015 and build around six business parks to host them.

In addition to the natural assets of Morocco, Xperis Services has built a sound Value proposition.

Multilingual qualified human resources

To sustain economic growth, Morocco does count on its youth:

  • 300,000 undergrads are currently folllow high education in Morocco, through 14 Universities and 20 Engineering Schools;
  • Government's body incharge of vocational education offers 297 training institutions and 140 degree programs.

Training programs tailored to outsourcing have been setup including the "Forshore 3000" (for ITO jobs) initiated by the APEBI (Federation of Technologies Information, Telecommunications and Offshoring) and "Call Academy" created by the AMRC (Moroccan Association of contact centers).

The young population of Morocco reflects the dynamism of the country:

  • Second in number of Internet users in the MENA region;
  • Over 4 million Facebook users who have increasingly strong cultural and linguistic affinities with Europe.

Business Parks managed by Xperis Services

Xperis Services parks provide infrastructure aligned with international standards, with Plug & Play office floors and efficient support services: Business Centre,One Stop Shop, catering, nursery...

By choosing the parks managed by Xperis Services, you will have a loop telecommunications service "carrier grade", ie a telecom infrastructure and services managed by a dedicated operator, assistance and on-site intervention 24/7 and an SLA based Special Zone.

Tax incentives and competitive operating costs

To encourage foreign investment in Morocco, a set of incentives are granted to firms based within our parks: an actual wage tax capped at 20% and an exempted corporate tax for 5 years.

Operational costs are also very competitive in Morocco:

  • Telecom costs up to 30% cheaper;
  • Training grants up to € 5,800 for recruitment;
  • Monthly rental cost starting from 8 € / m² for a ready for output office space
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