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Intellectual Property:

The WebSite and each of its component parts, including, without limitation, (i) text, (ii) items, (iii) newsletters, (iv) provided, (v) presentations, (vi ) brochures, (vii) illustrations, (viii) photographs, (ix) computer programs, and (x) animations are the exclusive intellectual property of the Publisher with the exception of third party brands that could be cited (and identified by the sign ®).

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By exception to the foregoing, the Publisher grants permission to Users to download from the hard drive of their computer's newsletters or other documents, property of the Publisher that are made available to Users in the form of electronic files specifically for downloading. These files can only be downloaded from links with the reference "download this document here" or any other reference given permission to Users to download these files. In this case, and unless expressly provided otherwise reproduced on each of the above documents, the user will be allowed to keep a copy of these documents and to print these documents for personal use only. The User specifically prohibits disseminating these documents to third parties, including emailing, printing and distribution on a tangible medium and made available on a server installed on a public or private. Any short quotation of these documents by the User will have to show the document title or page of the Website quoted, the name of the author and, where applicable, the date and publication number of the document cited.

Other Provisions:

The Website is reserved for use by the Users.
The Website and the data, information and documents that the website provides (i) are only intended to provide general not limited to the Editor, and (ii) In no case constitute a solicitation, solicitation and / or service offering.

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The third party websites, their content or documents accessible from hyperlinks published on the Website or the documents downloaded from it are the sole responsibility of their author (s) (s) and do not engage the responsibility of the Publisher.

Personal data:

Your personal data:

No personal information is collected without your knowledge. In a logic of respect for privacy, Xperis Services undertakes that personal information is collected and processed in accordance with Law No. 09-08 of 18 February 2009 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.
No personal information shall be conveyed to other parties.
In accordance with the law 09-08, the CNDP guarantees the user a right of access and rectification and opposition of his own personal data.
The user can exercise this right by sending a letter to the following address: 1100, Bd Al Qods. Sidi Maarouf 20270 Casablanca - Morocco.


As part of improving its services, cookies may be placed on the user's computer to generate statistics on website usage of Xperis Services (the most visited pages, the frequency of access to the site, etc). In no case may stored cookies contain personal data.

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Personal information provided to Xperis Services via different contact forms is used to respond to user requests, and to inform you of the existence of our products and services in the context of commercial operations and marketing or as a basis for surveys, studies and analyzes.
They are available only to relevant departments of Xperis Services , are not communicated to any third party.

Newsletter of Xperis Services :

By providing the e-mail address, the user agrees to receive an e-mail informing him of the availability of our products and services as part of our commercial operations and marketing, or as a basis for surveys, studies and analyzes.
Chaque destinataire de la lettre d’info a le droit de se désabonner en utilisant un lien ajouté à cet effet à la fin de chaque communication par courriel.
Each recipient of the newsletter has the right to unsubscribe using a link added for this purpose at the end of each email communication.

Your CVs:

The Curriculum vitae submitted to Xperis Services are processed exclusively by the Human Resources department for the purpose of recruitment.