• Nom du parc: Casanearshore
  • Lieu: Casablanca, Economic capital of Morocco
  • Localisation: 20 minutes from the Mohamed V airport
  • Surface: 53 hectares of wooded park
  • Equipement: Plug & Play Offices
  • Services: Banking, Nursery, Retails, Xperis Services One-Stop-Administration, Restaurants
  • Nombre d'emploi: 26,000 in terms
  • Nombre d'entreprises du parc: 70
  • Date d'ouverture: Monday, 01 January 2007

Casanearshore is the locomotive of Morocco's Nearshoring sector and the largest park in North Africa. Located in Casablanca, the economic capital of the kingdom and 20 minutes path from the international airport.

Casanearshore Park is dedicated to the activities of software development, infrastructure management, back office banking and insurance, management, customer relationship...

Casanearshore provides "World Class" allowing operators to work in an exceptional environment.
During the installation process Casanearshore, Xperis Services provides corporate facility management services that allow them to benefit from greater efficiency and speed formalities.

The Entire file is supported by a unique interlocutor. The one-stop shop, centralizes all contacts with the Moroccan government.
You can avail of the 2000 m² Regus center in case, or our tailor-made council to your premises within Casanearshore.

At Casanearshore, the fiscal framework is attractive: Effective rate of 20% IR, IS to 0% during the first 5 years, rate reduced to 17.5% for subsequent years.
The same goes for operating costs, telecoms are 30% cheaper than market price for all new recruits and Moroccan property offers training aid up to € 5,800.
Find out more information by going to the park's official website Casanearshore.

They trust us:


We have great ambitions for Morocco at the heart of our strategy Rightshore. Many French companies we work with have been impressed by the quality of our teams and by the excellence of our infrastructure on Casanearhsore in terms of safety and modularity.

Jean-Philippe Bol - CEO of Capgemini Technology Services France


Choosing Dell to come to Morocco was done mainly for operational cost reasons. Dell wanted to develop a service center (initially in sales and after-sale to the French market) and to minimize its costs among the destinations possible such as Vietnam, Romania and other sub-Saharan countries, Dell has opted to Morocco.

Othmane Serraj - CEO DELL Morocco


Logica Morocco is a major player in the growth strategy of the group Logica. The operations performed in Morocco are an integral part of our delivery model and are responsible for end to end outsourcing services. Our center in Morocco is certified CMMI Level 3.

Mohammed Lakhlifi - CEO of Logica Morocco

Everest Institute Global

Casanearshore and Technopolis Parks are second to none on the African continent. The redundancy of the fiber optic telecom services provides a level of safety comparable to those obtained in Europe, well beyond what can be in Tunisia for example.

Shyan Mukerjee - Senior Analyst - Everest Global Institute.

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