• Nom du parc: Technopolis
  • Lieu: Rabat, the administrative capital of Morocco
  • Localisation: 5km from the International Airport Rabat - Salé
  • Surface: 107 ha
  • Equipement: Offices in Plug & Play mode
  • Services: Bank, Crèche, Retail, Single Window Xperis Services Restaurants
  • Nombre d'emploi: 30 000
  • Nombre d'entreprises du parc: 76
  • Date d'ouverture: Saturday, 11 October 2008

Rabat Technopolis, the City of Technology, is the materialization of the new vocation of Rabat - Salé in the technology sector.
As part of the government program of sectoral development Emergence, this mission is guided by the desire to assert the role of Morocco in the activities of software development, infrastructure management, the bank back office and insurance, management of customer relationship....

Rabat Technopolis has an innovative design and airy, infrastructure and management aligned with best international standards to make it a preferred destination for investments and projects related to new technology sectors.

Real knowledge city, Rabat focuses a vast network of universities and colleges, flagship research at national level.

The park is located 5km from the international airport of Rabat - Salé, offering daily connections to Europe and only 60 minutes from Casablanca International Airport, with over 300 daily connections to Europe, USA and the Middle East.
In addition, its unique geographical location at the intersection of three major highways, the site within 2 hours of Tangier, Casablanca and Fez and facilitates broad access to qualified human resources.

To increase the competitiveness of companies wishing to settle in the park, Technopolis offers an effective rate of IR to 20% and IS to 0% during the first 5 years and reduced rate to 17.5% (instead of 30%) thereafter.
Similarly for operational costs, telecoms are 30% cheaper than market price, and for all local new recruits you will receive training aid up to € 5,800.
Offshore area of the Park is part of a wider ambition still:

For more information on the Technopolis park, go to its official site.

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Morocco has become a competitive destination in terms of quality and costs of outsourcing customer relationship. In Morocco, the quality of human resources enables us to meet the requirements of our customers very competitive prices.

Dirk van Leeuwen - CEO - MOROCCO WEBHELP

Sofrecom Morocco

The limitation to 20% of income taxes offer an added value to services Morocco Sofrecom which employs 75% of engineers graduating from the best Moroccan schools ... This allows us to remain competitive while maintaining a high level of quality and provide our customers with unique services in terms of software development on the CMMI model.

Jean-Louis Richard - President - Sofrecom Morocco